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MendiniWith the glass block the horizons widen to redesign the rooms and reorganize the spaces.

Suggestives chromatics harmonies and differents visuals surfaces reinvent projection geometries and offer new creatives and perceptives stimuli.

An innovative, versatile and captivating concept of inhabited spaces that always interprets in original way the demands of functionality and aesthetic value.

A world of color and nuances that give life to the walls of our home or office. To find the serenity and the tranquility observing the sunlight or of the moon through our walls is not impossible, we can make to measure any vision that fascinates us, we can create our world in transparency, we can think in colors. We have transported on the block of crystal what a painter creates with his art, all the plasticity that a brush stroke can keep, inimitable for its depth and nuances.

Our ideas laboratory. Artisans and glassmakers who every day apply their art and their knowledge at the disposal of those who seek beauty, whose always want the best. They are not simply crystal blocks or product lines, they are true and own projects, shapes, colors, measurements and surfaces that suggest us to create infinite possibilities of chromatic combinations.

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, the great Italian masters of color try their hands again at redesigning the glass block concept, in the light of the tastes and trend evolution, taking their inspiration from the best-known glass patterns that have characterized the history of glass block.

Starting from the clear wavy, they have developed a series of studies on a vital element and produced some thing that reminds us of it: water. Water is a primordial and quintessential material element of the elements, which has always aroused many emotions, sometimes contrasting. And so the new glass block “AGUA”, incorporating and conveying these emotions was born: installed horizontally, it evokes the serenity of the gentle flow of the tides… vertically, the charm of a light waterfall, or the subtle perturbation of heavy rainfall.

Available in many new aesthetic solutions as a result of the use of two innovative coloring processes. With the first one you get attractive “colored reflections”, thanks to special metallic paint applied on the wings, and with the second, precious “pearl-iridescent” effects.

Two new product ranges for different decorative solutions:

– One lighter which uses only the “Agua Reflejos” effect in the following colors: AmatistaAntracitaCaribeÍndigoNegroNeutroPolinesiaRosa Cuarzo and Ultra Violet or square models (19x19x8 cm.), linear end block with horizontal wave, linear end block with vertical wave and double end block.

The second one more extravagant and pretty which combines the “Agua Perla” effect with the“pearl-iridescent” effect which is available in the same color range of the “reflejos” version besides the Verde, Oro, Rojo and Ambra. This new and wider proposal allows to make walls of various forms and shapes: whole or flag, for interiors as well as exteriors, all glass, being able to play on different texture combinations, which allow to use the infinite decorative possibilities in a creative way. As, for example, the wave use in horizontal, or vertical, or even mixed, in a multitude of new colors and effects. By creating “minimal” or “fancy” walls, until the realization of artistic ones that can transmit emotions of “Impressionist” flavor.

An invitation, with these new collections, to relive the historic “glass block” in more artistic and dreamlike ways.

Agua Collection Neutro

Glass Blocks Horizontal Vertical

Agua Collection Perla

Glass Blocks Horizontal Vertical

Agua Collection Relfejos

Glass Blocks Horizontal Vertical

Collection Pure

Collection Pure Vintage

Collection Pure Reflejos/Proteus Reflejos

Collection Pure Shade

Collection Glass Profile

Collection Performance

Collection High Performance Thermal Insulation

Collection High Performance Fire Resistance 120 minutes

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