Italian Design – Made in Spain

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, the great Italian masters of color, face a new challenge with the glass block seeking to redesign, in according with the evolution of taste and design of today, the best known models that have characterized the history of glass brick .

From the wavy neutral, they have developed a series of studies on the vital theme that most remember itself: the water. Water is one of the main primeval substance, the element of the elements, which has always exited emotions, sometimes contradictory.

This is how the new “AGUA” glass block is born, incorporating and transmitting these emotions. Installed horizontally, it evokes the serenity of the flow of the tides, vertically recalls the charm of a soft waterfall or the perturbation of a heavy downpour.
Available in numerous and new aesthetic solutions as a result of the use of two innovative coloring processes. With the first one obtains attractive “colored reflections”, thanks to special metallic paints applied on the wings, while with the second precious “pearl-iridescent” effects.

Two new ranges(o intervals) for different decorative solutions:
– A softer one that uses the effect “reflections” in the colors Amethyst, Anthracite, Caribbean, Indigo, Black, Neutral, Polynesian and Pink Quartz in square models (19x19x8 cm.), linear terminal with horizontal wave (H / V), linear terminal with the wave in vertical (V / H) and curved terminal.
– Another more original and prices linking the effect “reflections” to the “pearl-iridescent” effect available in the same range of colors “reflections” as well as green, gold, red and ambra.

This new and wider proposal allows walls to be made in several ways:

Entire or like a flag, for interiors as exteriors, all glass, being able to play with different combinations of texture that allow to exploit in a creative way the many decorative possibilities; such as the use of the wave horizontally or vertically, or even mixed, in a multidude of new colors and effects that can be used in a “minimalist” or “imaginative and decorative” way, until the realization of artistic walls that can transmit emotions of “impressionist” flavor.

An invitation, thanks to these new collections, to revive the historic “glass brick” in a more artistic and dreamlike (oneiric) key.