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Binary is a modular system, patented, in pvc, for the simplified construction of flat and curved walls, for glass blocks and for laying on site. For the exterior and the interior, Future Euro Trade proposes Binary, the practical pvc modular system for the construction of walls with glass blocks.

Easy Placement
Binary is a patented system in white, black and gray pvc; It consists of a modular element that, randomly assembled, allows the construction of large surfaces to be glazed and allows to maintain the same widths of joints both external and internal in the curved walls.

Perfect finish
The Binary system is elegant and functional:

  1. It allows the construction of a wall in a short time and with a perfect finish without the help of professionals.
  2. It enhances very original decorative elements in response to the need to divide, reorganize or renovate the Rooms.

Binary guarantees the construction of anti-intrusion walls, bulletproof, resistant to the thrust, bright and colored. The glass blocks are refined and elegant, and offer a wide range of colors and designs. The pvc profile covers the joint in concrete and it is easy to clean. The placement is simple, fast and inexpensive: no specialized labor is required. The multiplicity of uses and the range of colors of the system together with the effects of light and color of the blocks revalorize the rooms that are more luminous, refined and pleasant.

BINARIO system is a modular system in PVC for the construction of vertical walls, flat or curved set up, with blocks of glass that allows a triple function:
– maintains the correct position of the glass blocks;
– serves as shuttering(dubbio su shuttering) for pouring concrete;
– is a decorative element that offers a multitude of shapes of walls without restrictions or limitations.

The BINARIO modular system generally acts as a shuttering for reinforced concrete. The design of glass block walls with double glazing must be defined with maximum freedom and without limitations:
– The walls of glass blocks should not remain connected with self-supporting structures and they cannot be a structural part of the building. The current standards for the design and installation of glass block walls must be respected.
– Between the glass block wall and the building structure, a suitable expansion joint must be fitted to absorb possible settlements of the structure. The current standards for the design and installation of glass block walls must be respected. BINARY allows you to create large surfaces ensuring the same internal and external joint even on curved walls. The profiles are made of PVC thermoplastic resin according to DIN specifications. Available profile colors: B / G / N white, gray and black.

Maximum number of stainless steel rods inserted in modular walls BINARY:
2 rods Ø 6 mm. in the perimeter frame
2 rods Ø 6 mm. horizontally by row every two rows of blocks
2 rods Ø 6 mm. in vertical by column every six columns of blocks


binario 01

Minimum radius of curvature:
R min = 0.90 m with blocks cm 9x19x8
R min = 1.10 m with blocks cm 11,5x24x8
R min = 1.75 m with blocks cm 19x19x8
R min = 2.20 m with blocks cm 24x24x8 :


binario 02

Wall solution with 90 ° corner glass blocks and modular structure Binary

binario 03

Type of anchoring of the structural part of the building with the wall of glass blocks built with the Binary system and interposed the expansion joint in elastic material.


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