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The ReadyBlock aluminum system has been designed to build walls with glass blocks, in a simple and fast way, without the presence of qualified personnel and without the need to use mortar, which allows cleaned and ordered environments. In addition, these ReadyBlock walls, as finished, immediately provide an idea of ​​elegance and strenght thanks to the use of the new aluminum perimeter profile, the ReadySil silicone and the reduced dimensions of the joints, only 2 mm. The ReadyBlock system can be used both indoors and outdoors; or as a shower screen, where it is also possible to use the glass block terminals so that they can be seen either in vertical or horizontal mode. The ReadyBlock system can be used with various sizes of glass blocks. It is important to remember that the wall gap measurement should always be at least 5 mm higher. with respect to the measure of the dimensional scheme that is in the instructions. The ReadyBlock system can be used with both the perimeter profile (recommended choice) and even using only the horizontal profiles, the vertical separations and the lateral hooks. Depending on the type of assembly chosen, find out the measurements of the walls in order to determine the necessary material. Our technical department is at your disposal for any information or clarification.

Gloves, Metal Saw, Meter, Level, Drill and Broach, Galvanized Screws, Silicone Gun, Screwdriver, Hammer Rubber, Bucket of Water, Glass Cleaner, Sponge

Cut the horizontal profiles ARS-L …. with 6 mm less than the gap between the perimeter profiles Carefully check that profiles and blocks are clean before installation. Check: maximum recommended width = cm 240 / Maximum recommended height = cm 240


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