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Preliminary phases to the placement

  1. Check the dimensions of the wall, height and width.
  2. Define the distance between the bricks and the distance between the first brick and the side walls.
  3. Determine the number of bricks. – Determine the number of separators.
  4. Determine the length of the expansion joint to be placed at the base of the wall, at the top and sides.
  5. Determine the number and length of steel bars.
  6. Determine the amount of special mortar for glass bricks (pay attention to the expiration date).
  7. Check the integrity of the bricks and the conformity of the product.
  8. Mark the wall horizontally and vertically with laser or other equivalent process.
  9. Check the perpendicularity between the floor and the side walls (fig.1).
  10. Dry the first row of bricks, check the number of bricks and the distance between them by placing the spacers.
  11. Check the distance between the first brick and the side walls.
  12. Determine the position of the steel bars on the vertical wall, then drill the wall to allow the bars to penetrate slightly into the wall.

La colocaciónThe placement

  1. Place the expansion joint on the floor, on the vertical walls and on the roof.
  2. Make the support base with the mortar, if possible at the same height as the base (if provided) (fig.2).
  3. Start placing the first row of bricks, paying attention to put the Glass Blond mortar on both the upper brick wall and also on the side contact with the successive brick. The distance is determined by the placement of the plastic spacers.
  4. Complete the placement of the Glass Blond mortar on all joints between the bricks.
  5. Put the horizontal steel bars supported on the plastic spacers. The bars should penetrate slightly into the vertical wall in the holes previously made. (fig.3)
  6. Place the second row of bricks following the same method (fig 4).
  7. Insert the vertical steel bars between the bricks taking care that they never touch the glass. Always check that the steel bars never touch the bricks.
  8. Check that the wall has a perfectly vertical development.
  9. Repeat procedure to complete wall.



  1. Check that the mortar has set and gradually remove the excess on both sides before it solidifies.
  2. Remove the ends of the spacers, preserving the bricks.
  3. Apply the Glass Blond mortar for finishes in the joints with a soft depressor.
  4. Clean surfaces with a sponge soaked in water.
  5. Dry the surfaces (fig.5).

For cleaning do not use abrasive materials, oily based chemicals or acid based products (especially fluorides).
If difficulties presents consult the seller or consult the seller to send an electronic mail to the following address

Future Euro Trade S.L. declares that the technical, dimensional and aesthetic parameters of the glass bricks it produces comply with the regulations of the sector for each of its characteristics: EN 572-1 Composition of glass

  1. EN 1051-1 Form Specifications and Dimensional Tolerance
  2. EN 1051-2 Conformity and requirements
  3. CE Product Brand

Not having the company Future Euro Trade S.L. no possibility of control on the quality of the placement and on the accessory materials used, cannot provide any type of guarantee once the bricks have been placed.


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