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A trendy building material

Used by the most famous architects, the main qualities of a glass rooftile are of course its transparency and light diffusion whilst maintaining perfect coverage. Glass rooftiles is used to be assembled on roofs to create spotlights into the building. Due to the new architectural trend and the very comtemporary spririt spread by this glass material, they are used more and more as a real cover material for large areas.

transparent industrial estate roofs,
rooflightning spots, veranda,
glass porchs, garden out houses,
covered terraces, and play grounds, galleries,
sport halls, multi purpose halls,
solar collector protection,
as vertical shingles to cover walls, etc.

material permanence and outstanding time resistance,
no lens effect, excellent UV rays filter,
heavy and thus wind and storm safe,
hail safe, frost resistant,
no injurious emissions in case of fire,
fire resistant, classified MO,
recycling material,
roofer weight safe,
easy laying,
non porous material, moss resistant,
total modularity: Rooftile can be added, shifted, removed in a few seconds,
aesthétic: matches perfectly with the ceramic rooftile,
when layed on roof borders, maximizes the inner lightning of the building.

hardened clear sodo-calcic glass low in metallic oxydes
average light transmission factor > 86%
fire resistance: classified M0.
variable weight per sqm: 40 – 60 kg.


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