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We design, produce and commercialize products that, above all, should excite us and respect the conditions to live in a clean, fair world and without taking advantage of anything or anyone.

The passion for our work, our knowledge of products and the care of relationships, help us every day to explore new markets and to know at first the needs of our customers. All this translates into professional and vital experiences that we try to transfer in the best way to the day to day. While it is true that our logo represents a sail in the middle of the ocean, we have learned to manage the rudder assuming that each day learn new lessons and life experiences that should serve to expand our field of knowledge. Because only those who does nothing makes no mistakes but make a mistake twice cannot be possible.

The history of our family begins with the grandfather Bernardino, pioneer of the early 20th century of innovative molds for the production of pressed cement tiles, and then continue with his son Angelo (my unforgettable father and teacher for me in all aspects) , Michele and Edgardo, who, together, have been able to carry out the family project, with further improvements, reaching important results and achievements that are still perfectly current today.

Focussed our sight and our actions to the challenges of tomorrow and professionally integrated in the commercial context of our day, we seek to offer maximum limpidity and strictness in all situations; determined and convinced not to compromise that, in a way, could disprove us or make us blush.

The choice, therefore, of all our partners is not only based on economic advantages or possibles conveniences, but always care moral aspects, safeguarding the environment and people, guardianship of racism and the animal world.

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