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Alabaster Glass Blocks

The alabaster Elements leitmotiv is the naturalness of the stone and how possible is to sense nature of the elements in all our pieces. The light represents the Fire, the Water has its place in the wavy shapes, the Air can be seen performed in the universe of the moon and the Earth in the sight of the Arabic architecture, providing balance to this entire material world.

is the Premium Collection by FUTURE EURO TRADE. It is the union of two translucent materials, glass and alabaster. One side of the AGUA Neutral glass block is covered with an Alabaster plate.
Alabaster is a natural stone that is very valued due to its special color, texture, veining and translucent properties.
Only alabaster can show that great variety of nuances, making each piece unique, unrepeatable, giving a warm, pleasant light and giving the space extraordinary effects, creating cozy, exclusive and surprising environments.
EXPLORING ALABASTER GLASS BLOCK is an innovative glass block of high aesthetic and decorative quality that only the combination of two materials such as alabaster and glass can give life.
The alabaster glass blocks, which have a great ornamental value, provide the architectural design with a warm and pleasant environment for the well-being of its inhabitants.
EXPLORING ALABASTER GLASS BLOCK is available in 19×19 cm format and in 5 finishes: Water, Mosaic, Wavy, Smooth Plate and Arabic.



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